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Shining Hotel

So my wife and I just took the cheeseist limo ride through Rocky Mnt. National park andnow are at the Stanley Hotel where they filmed portions of the Shining. Weird day

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Nike shoe

So Nike Livestong is releasing it's Stages "Cutter" City Tiempo shoe (so I hear) and I can't find it here in Dallas. Anyone with info?

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Bad day

Burnt fingers on a soldering torch

Puncture wound to the left leg on a metal sculpture resulting in a tetnus shot

Eye irritation that is either pink eye or bad contacts


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So ever since Fixed Gear Gallery's coverage of this year's North American Handmade Bicycle show I've been drooling over these two frames.

Both look sooo fun.


my head

So after getting home last night, from work, at midnight after eating only 2 chicken strips and living off of coffee for two weeks I have finally subcome to the mother of all headaches. It will not go away. I need food soo bad and naturally I forgot my lunch having left the house at 6:30 this morning after only 5 hours of sleep. I get to end today by hosting the senior portfolio award ceremony and grading papers that I have to enter before going to bed. I then get to wake up at 6:00 tomorrow to be in the car by 7:00 so that I can pick up students to take them to Houston for a competition where I will not get any rest nor sleep either. God I'm tired.


Oak Cliff Art Crawl

Woohoo! My work has been accepted to be shown at the Oak Cliff Art Crawl!



So I have decided that Hancock during the scene with the traina and saving the car on the tracks, well sans the alcohol, this the overall attitude of people towards teachers. Now if we were all as drunk as Hancock while working then I would understand at least a bit of their attitude.


Official launch

So I have officially launched my art website and would love to get your opinions and constructive criticism.

I'm please to announce the unveiling of Bellybuttoneater Studios

Please visit www.bellybuttoneaterstudios.com and tell me what you think.


Shining MFer's

So that's right. Janet and I's after the day of the hitch dinner is at the hotel where they filmed the Shining. That's fucking awesome! I told the lady on the phone that I wanted to be served by identical twins who stared at us throughout the meal. Of course I will be dressed in a bunny outfit typing on a old typewritter riding a tricycle/hotwheel.

New Saddle

So MY Baby went shopping for Xmas not really knowing what to buy. So she very intellengently printed out a wish list of which I had two Brooks saddles listed. One was great and the other was not even rational. Well I must say that I'm glad my miss knows nothing about bikes and didn't realise that not rational was really not rational. Sitting atop my seat post now is this baby, the Brooks Titanium Swift black leather saddle. YEAH!!!!!!

Given that I didn't feel bad giving Miss a Frank Lloyd Wright lamp from Aneita Fern. She loves it thank god. Here's a pick of it.


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